Black History Flashcards, Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Five deck bundle offer)

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Urban Intellectuals is proud to present volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of our Black History Flash Cards, designed to combat the miseducation and suppression of Black achievements around the globe.

Each volume contains 52 cards that give an insight into the history of Black people in the world before from general history to women, Science, Technology, Arts, Entertainment, pre-1492 and NEW Afro-Latino/Caribbean.

This is the ULTIMATE way to inspire and pique interest in our real history! Enjoy learning about the revolutionary contributions of our people. Take pleasure in sharing all that you learn with friends, educators, and most importantly, our youth. It is imperative that they understand Black history, become inspired, and take action to build their own greatness!

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Urban Intellectuals is proud to present volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of our Black History Flash Cards, designed to combat the miseducation and suppression of Black achievements around the globe.

Each volume contains 52 cards that give an insight into the history of Black people in the world before from general history to women, Science, Technology, Arts, Entertainment, pre-1492 and NEW Afro-Latino/Caribbean.

This is the ULTIMATE way to inspire and pique interest in our real history! Enjoy learning about the revolutionary contributions of our people. Take pleasure in sharing all that you learn with friends, educators, and most importantly, our youth. It is imperative that they understand Black history, become inspired, and take action to build their own greatness!

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204 reviews for Black History Flashcards, Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Five deck bundle offer)

  1. Tracey Labgold (verified owner)

  2. Earl Frankin (verified owner)

    Good price for five sets 250 individual cards

  3. tony clark (verified owner)

  4. Karen Boutte (verified owner)

    Image #1 from Karen Boutte
  5. Rod Toneye (verified owner)

  6. james miller (verified owner)

  7. Robin (verified owner)

  8. Burnett Gallman (verified owner)

  9. Lynette Mazyck (verified owner)

    fantastic learning tools

  10. Julia Thomas (verified owner)

  11. Brian M. (verified owner)

    It cannot be stated enough that these cards are PHENOMENAL learning tools for youth and adults. Much care and love was put into researching the content on the cards and it shows. Every household should have these cards!

  12. Sonja Chandler (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with my order. It was sent in timely manner. The contents arrived in perfect order. They were a back to school gift for my great grandson. He loves history and will definitely use his gift.

  13. Janice Sharkey (verified owner)


  14. Katherine C. (verified owner)

  15. Robert Jones (verified owner)

  16. Keyana (verified owner)

    I’m learning so much information about our people which has me pumped up to have more discussions around it with my children and people in general.

  17. Darryl T. (verified owner)

    Awesome Information

  18. THERESA (verified owner)

    LOVE YOUR CARDS!!! Wonderful information! I have been sharing them with my mom every day. We have both been extremely impressed and plan to start over again with Volume 1, once we finish volume 5 which will be by the end of tomorrow at the latest.

  19. Dexter Patterson (verified owner)

    Kids love the cards! Great learning for us all.

    Image #1 from Dexter Patterson
  20. James Alton Sr (verified owner)

    I just love these flash cards

  21. Luella Coleman (verified owner)

    I am satisfied with all of my orders. Great information.

  22. MARK W. (verified owner)

  23. Charles Collins (verified owner)

  24. Whayne Herriford (verified owner)

  25. Marcia B. (verified owner)

  26. Colleen (verified owner)

    I purchased item on sale. Actually this is my second purchase and very pleased with the product. Great for all ages!

  27. Tamara West (verified owner)

    They came very quickly and there’s so much to learn even for myself but I’m glad my kids will be equipped with knowledge that I did not have at their age and they can also do projects on other people besides the well known in the media to educate other classmates

  28. Earl Franklin (verified owner)

  29. robin (verified owner)


  30. Nerissa Footman (verified owner)

  31. EARL FRANKLN (verified owner)

    I love this as a gift which is why I have ordered it 5 * and intend to order it again

  32. John (verified owner)

    Very important. I am not Black so it is very important to me.

  33. Earl Frankln (verified owner)

    My nephew and his son love them the 10 year old says he’s naughty things from these cards that he doesn’t get taught in school.

  34. Gabrielle Dimming (verified owner)

    My daughter is learning a lot and she is informing me on the people I didn’t know.

  35. Will A. (verified owner)

    Very informative and compelling

  36. Vincent (verified owner)

  37. Nora P. (verified owner)

  38. stanley (verified owner)

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Family I enjoying the cards

  40. Amanda D. (verified owner)

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I needed these cards (history) in my youth and not the water downed (white washed) Black History curriculum that’s taught in school of the same selected few Black abolitionist and activist (Dr. MLK, Rosa Park, etc). Many of us never knew of Ms Covington courage of denying her seat on the bus nine months prior to Ms Rosa Park. Which also leads to the question WHY did Black Americans refuse to act/support her (Ms Covington)? For me, I now look at some of our past Black Leaders differently. Their actions had to have repercussions that affected the Black Communities then and today.

  42. Julia H. (verified owner)

    This makes learning fun!

  43. Woodley Milord (verified owner)

  44. Jared M. (verified owner)

    Worth every penny!! Bought a two sets for my little cousins. Informative!

  45. Nicole Shippee-Winfield (verified owner)

    You were kind enough to send me an email about not having the volume 1 and I don’t mind waiting I will always support you guys. The arrived in a timely manner my children love them we are very pleased. Thx

    Image #1 from Nicole Shippee-Winfield
  46. Elizabeth Braun (verified owner)

  47. Denzil Williams (verified owner)

  48. Michael Grant (verified owner)

    Excellent resource for my nieces

  49. david corley (verified owner)

    Came in fast!!!! Great way to be creative with teaching history

  50. Tistia (verified owner)

  51. Sandra Bibb (verified owner)

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

  53. Olishua M. (verified owner)

  54. Aisha Ahmad (verified owner)

  55. Narissa H. (verified owner)

  56. Kathleen F. (verified owner)

    At first I thought this was a lot of money to pay for flashcards, but they are worth it. Printing on cards is good quality, many interesting people are included in these decks and there are few places you can go to get such a comprehensive listing of Black contributors to US history. Kids like flipping through the cards. They make an excellent starting point for research. Definitely recommend these.

  57. Rosanna (verified owner)

  58. Nicole M. (verified owner)

    I’m so excited about my recent order! I plan to get my teens engaged during our next trivia game family night!

  59. Monique Rivera (verified owner)

  60. Jami D. Hart (verified owner)

  61. Wyteria Rucker (verified owner)

  62. Vickie Washington (verified owner)

  63. Tonja D. (verified owner)

  64. Paul Roberts (verified owner)

  65. SHERMAN HOULDER (verified owner)

    Purchased for my grandchildren

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

  67. felisha bright (verified owner)

  68. Christoria H. (verified owner)

  69. Samantha (verified owner)

  70. Anthony H. (verified owner)

    These flashcards are an absolute must in your household. I already have the five deck set and sent this order to my son and daughter-in-law to jump start the education of the next generation about Black History.

  71. joshua (verified owner)

  72. Antione Taylor (verified owner)

    Great value.

  73. BRENDA R MCCLOUD (verified owner)

    We love the bundle of Black History Flashcards!

  74. Stephanie Perry (verified owner)

  75. Byron Johnson (verified owner)

    I love the flash cards. Will use them to educate my grandkids. Please consider adding more

  76. Margaret Green (verified owner)

  77. Matthew Herschleb (verified owner)

  78. Cynthia L. (verified owner)

    They are smaller in size than expected more for 6 yr old children hands.

  79. Virginia S. (verified owner)

  80. Lisa R. (verified owner)

    I bought all 5 volumes of the BLM Flashcards. There is SOOO much important information in these cards! I’m reading some everyday to increase my knowledge & awareness. The cards are beautiful and well written! This is definitely worth the price! Thank you!

    Image #1 from Lisa R.
  81. Tia (verified owner)

  82. Anonymous (verified owner)

  83. Gloria Young (verified owner)

    Can’t get enough Black history

  84. Lachelle White (verified owner)

  85. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love these! Our whole family has learned a lot from these cards already, they are a great resource to have.

  86. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product!!!

  87. Anonymous (verified owner)

  88. Rebekah (verified owner)

    I bought all of the packs and have loved learning about the many different people in the arts, technology, and all individuals contributing to history. These are snippets of each person which will send me down the path to doing more research and I will be sharing with the family. Thank you!

  89. Anonymous (verified owner)

  90. Marya Ferguson (verified owner)

    I love these cards. My son is entertained while learning at the same time. Most definitely buying another set for family members.

  91. Nicole T. (verified owner)

    I’m still waiting for my delivery.
    Just received my flash cards! My two nieces will love them so excited!

  92. Carolyn L. (verified owner)

    These cards are filled with interesting and compelling facts about all facets of black history. So glad I got the full set!

  93. Jason Jordan (verified owner)

    Must have for Every Family

    Image #1 from Jason Jordan
    • Forest Parks (store manager)

      Thanks so much!

  94. Myrna Davis (verified owner)

  95. Jeffery Carey (verified owner)

    Thank you for educating our people. My daughter will really appreciate this gift that will last a life time

  96. Wanda E. (verified owner)

    Great product

  97. Anonymous (verified owner)

  98. Matthew Wengraitis (verified owner)

  99. NEISHA ELMORE (verified owner)

    Thank you, for birthing this amazing tool to crown the heart, soul, breast plate, shoulders, and head of our beautiful, precious, royal children! 😃

  100. Lisa D. (verified owner)

    Looking forward to learning quite a bit during Covid-19 stay home orders

  101. Jessica M. (verified owner)

  102. Judy Scott-Berger (verified owner)

  103. Quincy (verified owner)

    I thought the cards larger in size but I’m very happy with them.

  104. Marilyn P. (verified owner)

    Thank you Freddie for sharing

  105. [email protected] Jones (verified owner)

    Good 👍

  106. Samantha Young (verified owner)


  107. Kyra (verified owner)

  108. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love them all.

  109. Kristi (verified owner)

    Great way for my children and myself to gain more knowledge of our history. We do a card a day.

  110. MaryAnn Benedetti (verified owner)

  111. Dara Braddock (verified owner)

    I don’t like the random substitutions of drawings for photographs.

  112. Marvin S. (verified owner)

    Phenomenal product and service

  113. COURTNEY (verified owner)

    I purchased the set for my 8 year old nephew, so my sister could enhance his education and add an activity to his pandemic schooling routine.

  114. Leslie G. (verified owner)

    So much better than expected! An abundance of information that increased my black pride tenfold!

  115. Michael Adams (verified owner)

  116. Bryan (verified owner)

  117. James (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Thorough and informative

  118. Chamelle R. (verified owner)

    Hope my Grandson and family enjoy them

  119. Dureck E. (verified owner)

    We as black families really need this to teach our children the importance and the contributions that people that looks like them plays a big part in this country and around the world. “WITHOUT US THEIR WILL BE NO THEM”

  120. John Scott (verified owner)

    Cards could be bigger. A better container for the cards. The top of box will wear out quickly. The information they contain is awesome. I’m 72 learning along with my grandson.

  121. Jennifer Heinemann (verified owner)

  122. Anonymous (verified owner)

  123. Merlene Holloway (verified owner)

  124. Brian H. (verified owner)

    Learning what I was never taught…

  125. TERRI WEAVER (verified owner)

    Fantastic resource! Thank you for making these available at an affordable price.

  126. Blair H. (verified owner)

    Easy, thanks for letting me know when it was back in stock!

  127. Brian Dooley (verified owner)

    These are great, and cover so much ground. Me, my partner, and our daughter are going to be learning so much!

  128. Anonymous (verified owner)

  129. Wanda Mackall (verified owner)

  130. Michelle N. (verified owner)

    Arrived pretty fast, nice cards. Ready to share it with my grandson.

  131. Blanche Snider (verified owner)

    Still reading very informative

  132. Konethia Smith (verified owner)

    Love learning our history

  133. Deidria H. (verified owner)

    They are smaller than expected. Otherwise very informative for not only myself but for my grandson. I’m still waiting on my memory cards.

  134. Quentinn (verified owner)

  135. Bruce Davis (verified owner)

  136. Pauletta Lavender (verified owner)

    Bought for my Grand children wish I would’ve bought a set for myself

  137. Arlana (verified owner)

    ABSOLUTELY worth the money-informative and helps give you a great start to seek even more information.

  138. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thank you

  139. Edward Beathea (verified owner)

  140. Cassandra C. (verified owner)

  141. Khadijah A Muhammad (verified owner)

    Wow Mr. Freddie thank you for Creating Black history Flashcards available to the masses. I myself am enjoying the series 1-5. Plus they are for All ages. Card 53 is/was a Great idea 😁 Awesome

  142. Chandra (verified owner)

    I got this set as a starting point to teach my son more about our great people. I love the cards and the cards are beautiful. It would be nice to have an events and inventions set.

  143. Celestine W. (verified owner)

  144. Lacii (verified owner)

  145. Tashiara (verified owner)

    I’m Posting These Cards everywhere And I’ll be Inspiring All Blacks and Browns that come in my Path

  146. Nat Whitaker (verified owner)

  147. Lydia C. (verified owner)

    Easy to contact. Delivery done timely.

  148. Amber (verified owner)

    These cards are vastly informative and appreciated! Thank you!

  149. Robert W. (verified owner)

    So much information! My family and I are just getting started. Definitely will recommend to others.

  150. Tamera (verified owner)

    Love this set!

  151. Madeleine Spann (verified owner)

  152. Dorothy McNair (verified owner)

    The card have just enough information to start a Sparkle of interest. My 15 year old will do the research to give more information to my 8 year old. So they have engaged both kids as well as myself. Great job!!

  153. Andrea G. (verified owner)

    Wonderful experience with ordering and shipping. Can’t wait to use these in the classroom.

  154. Donna (verified owner)

    Awesome information. Have not read nor learn from another source.

  155. Annette (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and such a delight to look through!

  156. jeffrey hollnd (verified owner)

  157. Catherine Luster (verified owner)


  158. Kimberlea Oloruntoba (verified owner)


  159. Vicki D. (verified owner)

  160. Anonymous (verified owner)

  161. Lynette S. (verified owner)

    Excellent process from ordering to delivery and receiving. Great service and high-quality products. Thank you Urban Intellectuals! My son and I will enjoy learning more about our history!

    • Ian Parks (store manager)

      You are very welcome.

  162. Robert Williams (verified owner)

    Have not received the order, I’m told that UI needs to contact FedEx.

    After waiting for a month and a new shipment finally got the cards and I am pleased, so whoever has the first “lost shipment” in Grove City Ohio enjoy.

    Thank you UI for promptly helping me with my concerns, awesome customer service.

    • Ian Parks (store manager)

      Sorry for the trouble Robert and thanks for your patience. We work hard to make sure everyone gets the items they order even when there are issues.

  163. Helen D. (verified owner)

    These flash cards are more than I could have imagined. Can’t wait to share with my grandchildren.

    • Ian Parks (store manager)

      Wow, thanks so much Helen!

  164. Elinor B. (verified owner)

    I am delighted with the cards. I will keep them on my coffee table because I’m certain they will be fabulous conversation starters.

  165. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These are amazing! The images are well done and the information is really good.

  166. Nancy Williams-Pilot (verified owner)

    Thank you so much my son was surprised and honored by receiving the cards he will share with my grandsons. I’m grateful for our history…

  167. Martha (verified owner)

    I bought these to use in my middle school classroom. They are so much more comprehensive than I expected. I can’t wait to see what my students think!

  168. Sarah LeValley (verified owner)

    I have bought many sets of these flash cards at this point. I have given them out singularly at church as way of starting conversations and elevating everyone’s awareness of all the history that has been withheld, I gave a full set to a Montessori elementary school class to use and they have loved them, and I gave a set to my 20 year old son. They are amazing!
    I always keep a set on hand to use when the opportunity arises! Thank you for creating them and continuing to expand with new sets!!!

    • Ian Parks (store manager)

      Sarah, this is so amazing to read. Thank you so so much! If you have any photos we could share with our fam with this excellent endorsement we would love to share. Just email [email protected].

  169. Kevin B. (verified owner)

    Exceeded my expectations

  170. Lance M. (verified owner)

  171. Naviana (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE this collection!!! I will be using these flashcards at home with my family as well as with my workplace as a member of our Diversity Inclusion Committee. Thank you!! 🙂

  172. Brandon Daniels (verified owner)

  173. Sylvanna Botelho (verified owner)

    My students love them!

  174. Gail (verified owner)

    Very informative.

  175. STEPHANIE SECREASE (verified owner)

  176. LESLIE (verified owner)

    No issues! I received all 5 deck of cards!

  177. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Timely and the collection is beautiful and very thought provoking.

  178. Harold Brown (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with the flash cards.

  179. Stefan Kennerly (verified owner)

    I love having these and being able to refer to them whenever I need to. It is a package like this that keeps me grounded in being proud and unfearing to be black. Seriously equipped with my history and knowledge of how great our people are and have become and will become.

    • Ian Parks (store manager)

      YES YES YES!!!!!

  180. Linda Hannah (verified owner)

  181. Rosalind Stancell (verified owner)

  182. Michael (verified owner)

    Shipping was a little slow, but I’ll give this the benefit of the doubt, as we received a major snowstorm. Apart from that, these flash cards are great. Urban Intellectuals went way out of their way to put together all of this information. This is great for our people.

  183. Deb M. (verified owner)

  184. Margie Gilliam (verified owner)

    These are just what’s needed to help me begin the education of Black history with my 7 year old grandson. It is our responsibility to make sure Black history is not forgotten.

  185. Diane Scott (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered 2 complete sets and Volumes 1,2&3 to give to my children and keep one to help teach them starting next week

  186. Patricia H. (verified owner)

    I’m excited about my cards and can’t wait to go through all of them. They are of excellent quality.

  187. Katelyn (verified owner)

  188. Anonymous (verified owner)

  189. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’m sure the flashcards will be awesome…whenever I get them. Please utilize alternate shipping carriers because FedEx is THE ABSOLUTE F*CKING WORST. Hell, I’d much rather have it delivered by USPS, even when they lose ish, it is still on time.

  190. Jamie (verified owner)

    I love the diversity within the packs. I have many students of multi-ethnic backgrounds so I like how this one resource helps represent them. I also like how they are categorized. I am teaching a unit about the 1920s so I can easily grab cards specifically by date, if I need to.

  191. Sylvia W. (verified owner)

    Only taken a week to get the cards. Very well packaged. Easy to handle. Very informative. Great collection to add to our home library. i need to get a second set for the grandkids..

  192. Victor P. (verified owner)


  193. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really amazing product! Informative and engaging. Plus amazing service from Urban Intellectuals! Would do it all over again!

  194. Rachelle (verified owner)

    I received my order within 5-7 business days of putting in the order. The cards are a wonderful tool to expand my lack of knowledge. I’m already sharing this knowledge with friends and referring this product as well for their children. Enough of the bland history in schools, time to learn about all of our hero’s; men, women, color, latino, etc.

  195. Nadine (verified owner)

  196. Veronica Kennedy (verified owner)

  197. John (verified owner)

    Love them. can’t wait until my kids and I become proficient in our history,

  198. Shantae Harris (verified owner)

    Love the knowledge in the history y’all provide. Thank you!!!

  199. Dr Chequita Webb (verified owner)

    This is a great bundle. I love the cards. I use these cards in my college classes. Great job Urban Intellectuals.

  200. Diane Lyons (verified owner)

    Excellent. Received my items in a timely manner. Thank😊😊😊

  201. Sonya P. (verified owner)

  202. Bruce Dobyns (verified owner)

  203. Terri Thomas (verified owner)

  204. RUTH (verified owner)

    A really sweet deal on the bundle offer!

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