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Hip Hop as it reaches its 50th year with our exclusive bundle of fun card decks. Inspired by popular games like Heads Up and Real Talk Discussion cards, our Hip Hop Bundle of Card Decks brings the energy, creativity, and essence of Hip Hop culture directly to your living room and game nights.


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Off The Dome: Hip Hop Edition – the ultimate game by Urban Intellectuals celebrating Black Hip Hop culture! Get ready for some tense competition as you and your team race to decipher clues and identify legendary icons.
With 79 cards featuring 158 challenges on artists, movies, fashion, and culture, you’ll groove your way through history, reminiscing about the incredible Black Hip Hop legends we’ve grown to love and admire.
Slick design, high-quality cards, and endless fun make this edition of Off The Dome the must-have game for Hip Hop fans, history lovers, and thrill-seekers. So, gather your crew and get ready to flex your smarts and imagination in this epic Hip Hop showdown!
Urban Intellectuals’ Real Talk “Hip Hop Edition” features 52 open-ended discussion cards exploring Black history through the lens of Hip Hop.
Get ready to spark meaningful conversations and reminiscence about the history of Black Hip Hop culture with this family-friendly game.

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