"We are loving these!! It’s amazing how much information you all have put on this little cards! I’m learning right along with my 12 year old!"
Dortheen, flashcards customer

Black History Flashcards, Vol 1

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Your next tool in the arsenal to make it fun and easy to engage with and learn Black History is HERE!

52 flashcards featuring people and places from our long and storied history. A few familiar faces but many you probably don’t know will fuel a fascination and addiction to consuming the greatness of our past and growing confidence that our future is bright!

Those who know their history are destined to repeat it, so let’s share the TRUE story of Black History!


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Urban Intellectuals is proud to present volume 1 of our Black History Flash Cards, designed to combat the miseducation and suppression of Black achievements around the globe.

This volume’s 52 cards gives a strong foundation to the many untold stories, achievements, and unknown people that have given shape, color, and definition to the worlds of academia, science, civil rights, business, the arts, and more.

Enjoy learning about the revolutionary contributions of our people. Take pleasure in sharing all that you learn with friends, educators, and most importantly, our youth. It is imperative that they understand Black history, become inspired, and take action to build their own greatness!

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354 reviews for Black History Flashcards, Vol 1

  1. Maxcina Gadsden (verified owner)

  2. Lindsey Wagner (verified owner)

    We used this set for our Black History display at our elementary school.

  3. David Bullock


  4. James D. Turner

    It’s hard to write a review about something you haven’t read yet but what I can say is Im looking forward to is having conversations with my Grandsons about our history

  5. Willie ross sr

    Looking good

  6. Willie ross

    Looking good

  7. Yvonne Nelson

    I would like to get all of these cards when I get my pension at the end of February if that’s okay with you thank you

  8. Shirley Lee

    What can I say?

  9. Stephanie Cooks

    I want cards all the way back to where they talk about Egypt pharaoh because they were our people Israelites they were our people Jews we were Jews, the Jews, that you see now we’re not the original Jews all the way back to John Hanson, who was the first President of the United States before George Washington Those type of history is all the way up till now do you have that type of history if you do, then I will purchase the cards. If you don’t, then it’s not for me.

  10. Winston E B Regis

    I think that those cards are immensely inspirational. It would be nice if they would include people such as Mansa Kansan Musa, and who the true people of the Bible were. That’d be immense knowledge for our children. 👉🏽Keep the good work going! 👈🏽👍🏽

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