“Sales have been doing really well, They are our steadiest sellers”
– Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center

Urban Intellectuals makes it fun and easy to learn Black history by creating a series of educational and empowering products designed to write the Black community back into the pages of world history and into the hearts and minds of the people.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) Black History Flashcards featuring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Flashcard

Brand/ Product Attributes

  • Museum guests will enjoy how easy our products make it to learn Black history with small digestible chunks of information and inspiration in a low tech format.
  • Our products highlight the achievement of the global Black community’s contributions to humanity which are often the missing pages of world history.
  • Our largest customer base are African American parents and grandparents age 30 to 55 years old who want to instill knowledge, confidence, and self esteem in their children.
  • Our audience also includes parents that have biracial children or grandchildren and allies aligned with the African American struggle. 
  • Students will enjoy how easy our flashcards make it to learn Black history with small digestible chunks of information and inspiration in a low tech format.

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  • Country of Manufacture: America & China

  • Manufacturing facility: Outsourced

  • Warehousing Location(s): Chicago, IL

  • Lead Times (orders under 3000): 1 week

  • Lead Times (orders over 3000): 6-8 weeks

  • Shipping & Logistics: 3PL

  • Marketing Investment: $600K / year

Awards, recognitions, others

  • 2024 Legacy Awards Recipient
  • 2023 in Target for Black History Month

  • 2021 Black Business of the Year by the All-Black National Convention

  • 2018 and 2019 Essence Holiday Gift Recommendations

  • Over 400,000 decks of flashcards sold around the world

Current Institutions

  • Chicago Public Schools
  • Erie Public Schools

  • Syracuse Independent Schools

  • Cobblestone Elementary School

  • Park Forest Chicago Heights SD 165

  • Starr King Elementary

  • Ames Community School District

  • Midvale Elementary School

  • Raymond Elementary Campus

  • Highland Terrace Elementary

  • Near North Montessori School

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Black history flashcards Volume 1: General
Designed to combat the miseducation of Black achievements.
Black history flashcards Volume 2: Women
Dedicated 100% to amazing Black women!
Black history flashcards Volume 3: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math (STEAM)
Science. Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics.
Black history flashcards Volume 4: Pre-1492
History of Black people in the world before 1492.
Black history flashcards Volume 5: Afro-Latin/Caribbean
Black achievements around the globe.
Words Of Affirmation For Families
Affirm your children with positive affirmations for the parent and child.
Black History ABC Flashcards
African-centered, culturally relevant letter recognition.
Black History Matching Pairs
Perfect for kids to learn names & faces from Black History.
Black History Coloring Book
Features 30 great people & places to color that will inspire.
Black History Playing Cards – With Custom Illustrations, Quotes and Facts. Available in Black or Maroon Editions
Unveiling Black History Playing Cards! Stunning illustrations, quotes, and themed suits redefine traditional decks. Poker-sized, high-quality 300gsm card stock with gold foil accents. Spades will NEVER be the same!
You Better Not Say Games – 80s-90s or 00s-10s Editions
Have you ever played Taboo? This is BETTER! If you think you REALLY KNOW THE CULTURE, then take on our brand new editions of “YOU BETTER NOT SAY”

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USA Wholesale Shipping :: $35 for first 50 packs, then an additional $0.35 per pack.