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Stop acting like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You know there is a problem just as clear as you are reading these words, but for some reason you’ve been pretending like it is just going to solve itself.

It isn’t.

It’s only going to grow and fester. Now that you have children and perhaps grandchildren, you’re realizing that the lack of knowledge of self you have is developing in them. That emptiness and lack of love for our history and culture because we don’t know the valuable contributions of our ancestors. 

SAVE BIG: $13 $24.99 cards while stocks last!!




We weren’t taught inspiring and uplifting stories of Black excellence and achievement in the Western educational system, movies, music, and media. We were only shown the negative aspects of who we are as a people and never the positive contributions of Black and African people to humanity, not just Black people. 

This sort of information is powerful to little Black boys and girls, even the men and women.

Yet, this information doesn’t make it’s way into the Western educational system. The same miseducation and lies you were fed as a child some 30+ years ago are still being fed to your children and grandchildren as truth.

There is a problem you’ve been avoiding. And it isn’t going to solve itself.

You realize understanding history and culture is great for you and your children, right? But what are you doing about it?

We know you have a problem.

We have some solutions.

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Allow us to give you the tools and the resources to make learning Black history fun and easy.

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SAVE BIG: $13 $24.99 cards while stocks last!!


Since 2017, Urban Intellectuals has been supplying people all over the world with Black excellence and history at their fingertips.


UI has sold over 400,000 units of their Black History Flashcards and are offering you their lowest price you will ever see of this incredible selection of educational materials and games. They are designed to help solve the problem you’ve been ignoring all these years. Don’t let it fester and continue to grow.

And don’t worry, you are not alone. Many of us adults and parents feel this way towards our lack of history and culture appreciation in the community. It is something we know we need to get better at, and listen, that’s what you are doing on our page today.

You are going to make a difference and we are going to help you.

Take advantage of this great offer to complete your mission.

You are free to mix and match to create your own bundles. It is all up to you!

Black History Flashcards Bundles

There are 5 different series in our Black History Flashcards. You may not be aware of all of them, but this is your chance to complete your set. Each series features 52 historical flashcards with people, places, and event in history. There are pictures and illustrations on the front with bullet pointed historical information on the back. Be sure to complete your set today.

SAVE BIG: $13 $24.99 cards while stocks last!!


Party Bundles (Games)

Everyone loves a good game night and get togethers with their friends. You are no exception. Consider grabbing a Party Bundle full of our Black history games like trivia volumes, matching pairs, a Taboo like game called You Better Not Say, and more.

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Children’s Bundle


If you have some younger children or grandchildren on your list this year, then you can certainly grab our Children’s products, the ones made specifically for younger children. We are talking about our Black History ABC Flashcards, Matching Pairs game and coloring book.

SAVE BIG: $13 $24.99 cards while stocks last!!



I received my order within 5-7 business days of putting in the order. The cards are a wonderful tool to expand my lack of knowledge. I’m already sharing this knowledge with friends and referring this product as well for their children. Enough of the bland history in schools, time to learn about all of our hero’s; men, women, color, latino, etc.

I love the diversity within the packs. I have many students of multi-ethnic backgrounds so I like how this one resource helps represent them. I also like how they are categorized. I am teaching a unit about the 1920s so I can easily grab cards specifically by date, if I need to.

These are just what’s needed to help me begin the education of Black history with my 7-year-old grandson. It is our responsibility to make sure Black history is not forgotten.

I love having these and being able to refer to them whenever I need to. It is a package like this that keeps me grounded in being proud and unfearing to be black. Seriously equipped with my history and knowledge of how great our people are and have become and will become.


I received my order today. Everything was as expected and complete.
Thank you for your continued On-Line Outreach and Black History literature.
It is my responsibility as a Black Women to EDUCATE… My People
The People… All People!


J. Barker


These cards are great conversation pieces. My granddaughter, who is about to graduate from college and I picked cards randomly and had great discussions about the topics. It was very enlightening to hear her views of the world and the Black community.

You Better Not Say

The littles love playing and learning with this game!

This was the surprise hit of Thanksgiving weekend. My family and I broke these out, had some serious rivalries going, but it was all so much fun. What I didn’t expect was the adults to love playing this game so much. We were thinking it would be great for the children to start learning name and facial recognition, but even the adults had a blast!

Highly recommended!

Great information and content. Every Blk family needs this information.

Don’t delay, take action before this low holiday only price is gone.

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SAVE BIG: $13 $24.99 cards while stocks last!!


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