Sankofa Club – All Access One Month Special

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Get our special one-month All-Access pass to the Sankofa Club: Digital activities box. Over 100 activities for age ranges Pre-K to Grade 5.

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Unlock Your Child’s Self-Worth With “REAL” Black History Every Month!!


Gain monthly access to activities, printables, and lesson plans that educate, engage and empower young people by helping them know, understand and appreciate their history and culture.


Sankofa is a word in the Twi language of Ghana that translates to “Go back and get it” (san – to return; ko – to go; fa – to fetch, to seek and take).

The Sankofa Club embodies this spirit and looks to empower our youth to go back and gain an appreciation of our history and culture through positive and co-operative learning.

We provide a monthly Digital Activity Box with exercises, activities, projects and more to inspire the youth, teaching history whilst improving basic math, writing and cognitive skills.


Sankofa Club members gain exclusive access to members only area. You get a unique login and password to gain entry.

Sankofa Club delivers a series of digital activities to print out and engage your young scholars. Every single month, new digital activities box for your young scholar with culturally themed materials.

Here are just some of the things included:
(depending on the level you choose)

  • Members Only Access to the Sankofa Club.
  • Each level includes over 35+ exercises, activity sheets, lesson plans and more.
  • Vocabulary List
  • Handwriting Exercises
  • Counting Exercises
  • Shape Recognition
  • Join the Dots
  • Coloring Sheets
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Mazes
  • Word Scrambles
  • Word Searches
  • Word Shapes
  • Writing Assignments
  • And More
The best part is we are constantly upgrading and updating the Sankofa Club’s digital activities box. Our aim is to constantly make this better and better for you and your children.

“Sankofa Club Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Infuse Culturally Relevant Lessons Into Your Youth’s Education!”

This is club is a prayer answered

“I have a 9 year old son scientist that loves knowledge! We have been fortunate to find a public school that is challenging and encouraging his accelerated ability, under his father and my watchful eyes (we both work with educational misrepresented in our city so we know what things could look like). This is club is a prayer answered. I believe that it is our responsibility to teach our children about us so that they can receive an unbiased view of themselves. I have been looking for a fun and eye-catching format when this was in my inbox. I can’t wait to help him learn about our ancestors!”

So excited to incorporate these into lessons for my kids

“I have two little boys and I was working on creating an AA-centered supplementary curriculum when this just fell into my lap. So excited to incorporate these into lessons for my kids as well as learn something myself.”

Our town is predominantly white and there are no co-ops that incorporate Black history

“I’m a mom to 3 chocolate babies ages 6 weeks (boy), 2 and 4 (both girls). I’m strongly considering officially homeschooling but I’ve been doing it all along. Our town is predominantly white and there are no co-ops that incorporate Black history. I bought the cards and love them so I’m sure the subscription will be phenomenal! Thanks for offering it!”

I want my kids to know the difference

“I’m a wife, mother, and business owner. I signed up to the Sankofa Club to keep my family cultivated. Oftentimes we are so caught up in what the world wants us to know about our history rather than learning the true. I want my kids to know the difference between what they are being taught at school and the true.”


Sankofa Club supplies culturally relevant content related to the global Black community, well before colonialism and into the present era.

We feel it is important to fill in the gap left by the Western educational system, that clearly doesn’t see us a valuable member of the global human family. It is our aim to not only bridge the gap, but plant a strong seed of love and appreciation for the global Black, African community.

As a sneak peek, the first month’s theme is Black Geniuses, Imhotep, The Dogons, Marie Van Brittan Brown and Maurice Ashley. The activity sheets, lesson plans and exercises make use of these people to keep a constant theme and teach on multiple levels. Each month we will have a different theme, full of new people, places, movements, and eras that tell the global African story.


  1. Join
  2. Login and goto current Month
  3. Open Activity
  4. Print PDF
  5. Give to Children to complete
  6. Repeat Step 3
  7. Interact with the community of like-minded people to improve the children’s learning and make the best use of this amazing resource.
  8. Receive your next activity box monthly

Red Membership: Up to Pre-K

Black Membership: K to 2nd Grade

Green Membership: 3rd to 5th Grade

RBG Membership: Access to All 3 Levels

Tell Me More About The Sankofa Club?

Our mission is to help parents, teachers, and organizers to easily provide culturally relevant education to our youth. To do this, we leverage our audience’s Internet usage and our ability to create and deliver impactful products.

Urban Intellectuals, Inc is the owners of Sankofa Club. You may remember Urban Intellectuals from their series of Black History Flashcards and culturally relevant, educational products like Black History Coloring Books, Trivia Cards, and even Playing Cards.

Over 100,000 Black History Flashcards are being used around the world to help the next generation understand and appreciate our contributions to the world and our journey to get here. The Sankofa Club’s digital activities box is the next step in the mission.


ALL ACCESS: Red, Black and Green

Pre-K to 5th Grade, Ages 3-11